Minutes of Second Board Meeting, 30 Nov 2007

The meeting was held at 832 Dolores Street, #4, San Francisco, CA, 94110, USA. The following were present:

  • Jeff Ubois
  • Bob Ostertag
  • Shinjoung Yeo
  • James Jacobs
  • Lev Osherovich (guest)
  • Karl Fogel

Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, it was

RESOLVED, that the minutes of the previous board meeting be approved.

Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, it was

RESOLVED, that Brewster Kahle is duly elected as a member of the Board of Directors to serve in accordance with the bylaws. The secretary, Karl Fogel, circulated a printed copy of this resolution, which was signed by all directors present; Karl will obtain Brewster Kahle’s signature as soon as possible.

The following topics were discussed:

Karl gave a progress report on the 501(c)3 application process and on obtaining office space in New York City. He also announced two upcoming conference presentations:

The following things were informally discussed:

  • We should link from QCo to EFF database about whom RIAA/MPAA have sued.
  • Karl to send Bob Ostertag materials related to the upcoming Tools of Change talk. Also, talk to Bob Stein (Institute for the Future) about ToC talk.
  • Jeff said Ben Verbshow had an idea for annotating the Google book contracts; talk to him about that and about attending ToC.
  • Daniel Erasmus in Amsterdam has many video interviews; ask Jeff for more information.
  • Add to project’s page an item about the copyright cultural survey (that is, cultures that have a different take on what copyright is, c.f. Shinjoung’s and James’s experiences).
  • Lev says: identify people whose heritage has been taken away by copyright (e.g., descendants of Sitting Bull who can’t reproduce famous photo, for example)
  • As per above: add an “Absurdities Project” to the projects page.
  • When ready, get names from Shinjoung and James about library speaking gigs.
  • Lev says: get Facebook and Myspace pages! Email Lev to get list of Chicken John social networking sites. Once it’s set up, tell Cory D. about it, he may “friend” the pages.
  • Install Drupal Module for Digg, Reddit, Del.ico.us, Magnolia, etc.
  • Find a “shocking” video of RIAA victims. (Contact Peter Kaufman for videographers; J and S know Eric in NYC w/ circusamok, probably knows videographers too; Lev knows some through Chicken John.)
  • Orphan Films Festival
  • Bob says see BBC coverage of Oink bust
  • David Rice in NY, an archivist Jeff knows who probably has lots of stories.
  • Mozilla Foundation.
  • Howard Besser at NYU (movie stuff). Everyone knew him, hmm.
  • Identifying natural constituencies, first thoughts: librarians, documentary film makers, musicians, academics, educators, archivists.
  • Speaking of librarians, get that fellow met at CC to write an article.
  • Talk to Radiohead for Ghost Works Project?
  • Project: examination of people who have done well by opening things up (e.g., Prelinger Archive)
  • Interview Rick?
  • Project: “New Models Clearinghouse”
  • Web site: Lev points out that it is currently FUDdy. Make it snappier, concentrate on documenting the harms/externalities, documenting alternatives, more hard data, better slogans. (e.g., “The Internet Is For Copying”)