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There are many ways to contact us:

  • Send email to editors {_at_} QuestionCopyright {_dot_} org.  This is our general contact address — the right place for journalists seeking comments or interviews, artists with questions, anyone submitting a story or editorial, etc.  (Tweak that email address in the obvious way; it’s disguised on this web page to avoid spam crawlers.)  You might want to read our Frequently Asked Questions first.
  • If you are interested in having a QCO speaker at your event, check out the Speakers Bureau, or just inquire at speakers {_at_} QuestionCopyright {_dot_} org.
  • Join us in our chat/ IRC room (ask for user qcodesk once you’re in there, to get someone’s attention).
  • Leave a comment somewhere on the site.  We can’t guarantee we’ll see it in a timely manner, but we publish most of the non-spam comments we get; see our editorial policy for details.)
  • Follow us and retweet/respond on (“qco”) and Twitter (“qco”)
  • Do Facebooky stuff on our Facebook page. (But this is not a great way to contact us, as we don’t check it every day.)
  • Snail mail:
    P.O. Box 20165
    Stanford, CA 94309-0165
  • Phone:

    +1 (312) 772-2726