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Want to join in? Here are some ways to help the effort:

  • Donate. Your donations help us to maintain our existing projects and develop great new ones. We are a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so all your donations are tax-deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law.

  • Represent the cause. Buy a cool QCO t-shirt or display a nifty QCO sticker from the store, so everyone you meet will know that you question copyright. Or put an “I Question Copyright” badge on your blog or website.

  • Educate – Download and distribute materials like the Free Culture Fives bookmark to spread the word about Free Culture or use our link button to link back to our site.

  • Volunteer. We have lots of projects going on, and can always use help in whatever amount your interests and time permit. We *especially* need help with web design (Drupal anyone?), graphic design, fundraising efforts, and grantwriting. Drop us a line, if you are interested.

  • Submit a story of how copyright got in your way or your how you’ve had great success with free distribution. (See here for an example, part of our effort to “Humanize the Harm” of copyright.)

  • Translate pages on this site. Restrictive copyright laws are increasingly an international problem, so our mission is not limited to English-speaking countries. See here for translations that have already been done. To translate any of the videos, you can use the free Universal Subtitles tool.