8 Comments on "Copiar não é roubar — “Copying Is Not Theft” sung in Brazilian Portuguese!"

  1. Singing it will not change the fact that it is theft.

    And you have to be a fool to trust criminals to read that Supreme Court case for you.  Surprise, surprise, a thief lied to you.




        People in denial usually laugh at the thing (being a thief) that they are in denial about.

        While brushing on Law 101, you might want to brush up on PR 101.

        The classic case is Nixion saying, “I am not a crook.” Everyone now thinks Nixon was a crook.  All people hear is “I AM A CROOK” thinking why do others think he is a crook.  Although Nixion could not be convicted of possession of stolen property because he was a different type of crook.

        If I were an immature 16-year old thief, I would laugh at your stupidity, as you stupidly laugh, but such sophomoric behavior is below me. 


  2. Incredible! The voice is very similar to the original! In fact, seems that Conni has sung in this one too! Congrats to Fernando.