“Lunatics” Animated Science Fiction Web Series Kickstarter

With our new free culture / free-licensed science-fiction project, Lunatics, we (Director Terry Hancock and Writer Rosalyn Hunter) are aiming to raise the stakes considerably on free culture media, as we are planning to produce an on-going animated web series, using 3D animation created using the free software Blender application. Come check out our Kickstarter page and support some free art!

This is our first Kickstarter campaign, with which we are hoping to raise the money to pay comics artist Daniel Fu to create the character designs. We’ll also be including a lot of the other pre-production artwork and design in our rewards. Is it enough “reason to buy”? We hope so, and we’re planning to find out…

The idea is to create an on-going animated web series about the first settlers on the Moon, in extraordinarily accurate scientific detail with piercingly comedic characterization of the people involved. After all, normal people don’t really colonize new worlds, do they? Our tagline is “Somebody has to be crazy enough to go first!” and while we might not be the first free culture video project of this type, we are certainly feeling some of the thrill of our characters in exploring new territory!

As I write this, we are at 21% with 16 days to go — our Kickstart ends December 18th.

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