Readers’ Bill of Rights For Digital Books

Nina Paley, our Artist in Residence, has created a powerful image against DRM for the library community’s action “Readers’ Bill of Rights For Digital Books.” 

Librarians against DRM Despite the stated revolutionary potential of E-books for widespread access, E-books have been increasingly restricted due to DRM and draconian licensing agreements from publishers. Recently, HarperCollins announced its new policy in which ebooks they supply to Overdrive (a vendor to public and academic libraries across the US) would disappear after 26 checkouts. In response to this, librarians have been reclaiming readers’ rights and challenging publishers who insert DRM and demanding licensing agreements that do not restrict libraries and users from downloading, sharing and preserving ebooks. Here are some voices from the library community:

eBook Users Bill of Rights

Readers’ Bill of Rights for Digital Books

Barbara Fister, “A Library Written in Disappearing Ink”

Please help spread the word and support your local librarians. Blog it, Tweet it (#ebookrights), Facebook it, email it, and post it on a telephone pole.

Thanks Nina for the wonderful art!

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