“Lunatics” Project – Voice /Animatic Kickstarter Ending Soon

The “Lunatics” project is coming very close to the end on our Kickstarter to fund the voice and audio production for Lunatics. We’re at 31% now, and have just 4 days left to raise just under $3000 to make our goal:

We had canceled an earlier attempt to fund the entire production of the pilot episode for our free-culture science-fiction series, but we immediately launched this replacement, which will just fund the next step in production (I’ve only just realized I never updated the link on QuestionCopyright.org!). We are all set up to record the voice actors and complete the soundtrack (including music, sound effects, and so on). We are also going to create an 2D animatic to go with it. This is a useful pre-visualization step in the production of the final animated episode, but it will also make for a more appealing presentation of the audio.

We’re offering viewable DVD copies of the animatic production, soundtracks, and also the recently-finished “Pre-Production Artbook & Writer’s Guide” among the rewards. Plus you can get your name in the credits as anything from a “Backer” ($10) to a “Corporate Logo Sponsor” ($1000) — and many steps in between).

“Lunatics” is a free-culture (CC By-SA 3.0 licensed) open-film (meaning the animation elements, 3D models, sound effects, voice tracks, and so on are or will be available under the same license on our site) project. We also make extensive use of free-software and insist on open data formats. After release, we’ll be using QuestionCopyright’s very own Creator Endorsed mark to promote products that fund us, and we’ll share what we earn with the artists who have contributed.

4 Comments on "“Lunatics” Project – Voice /Animatic Kickstarter Ending Soon"

  1. It’s great you got that money for the project, it’s too bad you may not get the $3000 you wanted though. :/ I hope about 1300 – 1500 is good enough. 😉 Or maybe you will get a lot more in these 3 days. 😀

  2. The Kickstarter fell through as you can see above, but the principal actors all agreed to continue with the recording anyway. I think we’ve all got a lot of emotional investment in the project at this point. Besides, although we didn’t make it, we did have about 72% of our goal pledged at the end (though we don’t get any of that), and that’s a promising sign that people will be willing to pay for this project at some point when we have more to show. It’s just going to take time to build up a large enough audience.

  3. Well, it’s a nice thought — but we don’t actually see any of the money, since we didn’t clear 100%. The project is proceeding on a volunteer basis for the time being, though.