Nina Kickstarts Again!


After the tremendous success of her first foray into Kickstarter (and the mounting pressure of everyone pestering her to make another movie), our artist-in-residence Nina Paley has returned with a new Kickstarter project, Seder Masochism: Phase I. Nina envisions this as the early stages of a possible (fingers crossed!) new film entitled Seder Masochism, which is to be “an animated movie telling the story of Exodus, narrated by recordings of real Passover Seders.”

Check out the video below and support the project if you can!


1 Comment on "Nina Kickstarts Again!"

  1. Whoa,

    Sorry, Nina, I’d love to support but I’m not Jewish.  And even if I did a passover party, it wouldn’t be done like a seder.  I would probably go down to Parowan on my first Passover party and learn from one Leland Freeborn how to celebrate Passover because he’s the only one I know who celebrates passover.  Most jews I know joined the LDS Church.  I’m looking forward to the project, however.  Exodus is important to us Mormons, too.

    Elton Robb