Live Chat

Welcome to the chat room. We use the IRC channel #questioncopyright on If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry — you don’t need to know the details. Here’s all you need to do to join the chat room:

  1. Enter a username in the “Nickname” box below. If you have a login name, use that.
    Otherwise, make up something related to your name (for example, if you’re “Jane Doe”, enter “jdoe“).
  2. Leave the “Auth to services” box unchecked, but fill in the captcha to prove you’re a human.
  3. Hit Connect.
  4. Now you’re in the room.
  5. Type qcodesk: hello in the white area at the bottom, then hit Enter to send. Wait a while to see if anyone responds. It may take a while — minutes or hours, depending on who is in the room when. Feel free to try again later if you don’t get a response; it just means we’re off doing something else.

Chat room tips:

  • To address someone, put their nickname in front, e.g., “baslow: hey, tell me more about copyright reform“.
  • To see who is in the room, i.e., what nicknames, do “/userlist” (commands always begin with “/”).
    If you’re not sure who to speak to, try the user qcodesk; if anyone from is in the room, they’ll see that and respond. In general, be prepared to wait — the first response is rarely immediate, though once you’re in a conversation responses tend to be quick.
  • You can save time by typing part of a nickname and then hitting Tab to complete it. For example, “bas Tab” would complete to “baslow: "
  • For help on other commands, do “/help”. Feel free to ask people for help at any time, too.
  • See for more about IRC (Internet Relay Chat).