Slides for History of Copyright presentation at 2006 O’Reilly Open Source Conference

The slides for the talk “The (Surprising) History of Copyright and What It Means for Open Source” are available in PDF and OpenOffice Presentation formats. The slides are meant to be accompanied by the talk, and don’t really stand by themselves, but I’m providing them for those who didn’t have time to write down the URLs and the bibliography at the talk.

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  1. Hi Karl, thanks for giving the talk about copyright at OSCON. As a librarian, I think there are a lot of overlapping concepts/issues/ideals with FLOSS.

    Have you ever thought about giving your talk to a library audience? I work at stanford libraries and could set something up if you’re interested. I’m always amazed at the number of librarians who have those same misconceptions even though they work with/around copyright every day!

    As an aside, there’s a great drupal spam module that would allow you to open up your comments to anon. users.

  2. Thanks so much for coming to the talk — and I completely agree with you about the natural overlap between librarians and open source (you’re probably already familiar with

    Yes, I’d love to give the talk — or rather, a more polished and improved version of it! — to a library audience. If you’re interested in setting something up, email me (

    Thanks for the tip about the Drupal spam module. I’m going to be upgrading Drupal on this site soon, and will make sure to install that when I do. I’d like to open anonymous comments back up.

  3. yeah oss4lib rocks (and they use drupal too!). I’ll be in touch soon to set something up. — James

  4. By the way, I’m planning to post that short film of interviews
    (I just need to clear permissions with one of the participants,
    or else edit her out if she decides she’s not willing to be
    in the online version). And the talk itself should have a podcast
    available soon; when gets it ready, I’ll
    post the URL to that too.

  5. <a href=”” >forum</a><br>
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    If you missed it, you didn’t miss much, IMHO. Incredibly generic bar rock with painfully predictable riffs and zero personality. Pass.