Testing the Kickstarter waters: support Nina Paley’s new booklet!

economics of artQCO Artist-in-Residence Nina Paley

Our artist-in-residence Nina Paley has started her first Kickstarter project — help her make her goal!

The result will be great little booklets that you can pass out to friends and colleagues who have questions about copyright.  When ready, they’ll be available from our store and, of course, they’ll be freely-licensed.  We’re planning to use Kickstarter for some other upcoming projects too; help us get started on the right foot, and help support Nina!


Here’s her description of the project:

I want to print at least a thousand Mimi & Eunice’s Intellectual Pooperty mini-books: Mimi & Eunice IP comics packaged into a 5.25″ x 3.5″ full-color 20-page booklet. The size is perfect for carrying in a wallet or purse, to conveniently produce whenever a conversation about art, culture and commerce starts going to crazy-town. How many times have you wanted to explain the problems of copyright simply and clearly? How many times have you longed to deflate pro-patent propaganda, but gotten into a convoluted abstract argument instead? Having these little books on hand can turn a heated debate into a friendly and entertaining conversation. I know, because I carry a prototype with me.

Unfortunately those print-on-demand prototypes cost $7 each to make. But by printing a large run on a regular press, the cost of each minibook drops to $3 or less (this is my cost, not retail). I should be able to get the per-book cost significantly lower (between $1 and $2), but I’m estimating $3 here to be cautious.The $3,000 is to pay for such a run. I will print as many mini-books as I can for $3,000 (or whatever I raise). The more booklets I can afford to print, the cheaper each booklet will be. Ideally each one will be so cheap they’ll be affordable to give away, or leave in laundromats and libraries a la Jack Chick tracts.

Finished books will be available in bulk at wholesale, and at the QuestionCopyright.org store.

To support this project, please go to its Kickstarter page.  Thanks!

–The QCO Team

10 Comments on "Testing the Kickstarter waters: support Nina Paley’s new booklet!"

  1. Finally, a concrete effort to address and simplify the copyright issues. I run a blog and it is frustrating when someone copies and produces my work and announcing it as their own creation. Will spread your word and definitely help you in donation. Great efforts Nina!!

  2. “118 Backers | $3,663 pledged of $3,000 goal | 28 days to go”

    That was … fast.

  3. Really great work by Nina Paley’s,now a days the copyright issue creates a big problem,I think this idea wii decrease the problem a littlebit.

    psd to zen cart

    1. Chris, A great way to find and follow your path! I have always found that people who find their passion are happiest in their life/career choices. Thanks for this.nikeoutlet.com


  4. Firstly, it is not exactly a concrete effort to address and simplify the copyright issues, it is a biased opinion on the entire matter, it merely uses cartoon characters to ridicule and not explain the issues.

    Secondly, for someone who advocates “copying is not theft” why not release numerous digital formats of the mini-books for FREE so people can print them if they so desire?.

    Thirdly, pleading for money to release something like this is on a parallel to pre-produced copyright material sold on the shelves.

    This is not what the FREE CULTURE MOVEMENT is about.

    1. Secondly, for someone who advocates “copying is not theft” why not release numerous digital formats of the mini-books for FREE so people can print them if they so desire?.

      They’ve been free for reprinting and all other uses since the beginning. No one has printed such a book yet – if they did, I wouldn’t have to raise money for this one. I sincerely hope others print the book – it would save me money and effort. Once it’s pasted up the formatted minibook “masters” will go online so anyone who wants to reprint them in that format won’t have to re-do the layout (unless they want to, of course).

      I know you’re a troll, but this is exactly what the Free Culture movement is about. It’s not what the copyright culture is about. Consider reading articles here at questioncopyright.org to help you sort out the difference, so you can write more interesting comments.