How to Link to

Here’s how to link to us using one of our link buttons:

<a href=""><img src="" alt=" link button"/></a>

The result will look like this: link button

If you can host the image at your own server, please do — that will help save bandwidth on ours. You just need to edit the


part to point to a local file path on your web server.

To link to us in text, use this HTML code:

<a href=""></a>

The result will look like this:

For the link button or banner, there are various sizes and styles you can use:
468 x 196 blue rectangle
720 x 302 blue rectangle
6460 x 2709 blue rectangle
468 x 196 black rectangle
720 x 302 black rectangle
6460 x 2709 black rectangle
Vector (AI) source for black rectangle
2000 x 2000 blue square


If you need a different size, we also have 80×80, 150×150, and 200×200.

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