Editorial Policy


We accept stories and comments from anyone, both attributed and anonymous. We are selective about which stories we publish, but liberal about comments.


We may edit comments for clarity and brevity. We may also remove comments, remove links within comments, or unlink text within a comment.

Think of us as “harvesting” comments rather than merely publishing them. Remember that QuestionCopyright.org is primarily an advocacy site, not a discussion site. While we publish most comments, including those that point out relevant things we haven’t thought of, and those that present counterarguments that will help us improve our advocacy, we sometimes decline to publish comments that we feel simply do not contribute to the site’s mission.

Spam and semi-spam comments:

Like all web forums, we are faced with an increasing number of spam and semi-spam comments. The obvious spam is an easy call: we just delete it.


We moderate as accurately as we can, but we still make mistakes sometimes and delete comments that we shouldn’t delete. If your comment is valuable to you, please save a copy yourself. We cannot take on the logistical burden of preserving copies of everything we delete. (Software improvements to Drupal, our content management system, would make it easier to remove copies from public view while still preserving them for archival purposes, but we don’t have the resources to implement that ourselves right now.)