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Our Speakers Bureau is another way we spread the word about free culture. At conferences, universities, and other gatherings, our speakers talk about the history and reality of copyright restrictions as well as the ideals and practice of free culture. Read on to find out more about our speakers, their past speaking engagements, and how free culture can be part of the discussion at your next gathering — then contact us to book a speaker!


Karl Fogel Nina Paley

Karl is the executive director of, the Open Development Specialist at Civic Commons, a member of the board of the Open Source Initiative, and the author of two well-regarded books on open source development.

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Nina is the artist-in-residence at and the internationally award-winning creator of the freely-distributed film Sita Sings The Blues. She is an accomplished illustrator, animator, and filmmaker and in recent years has become an outspoken voice for free culture.

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  1. hi there

    im Teresa Matza form Transilvania (Europe) and we have a small low budget animation festival in 28-30 october called MAFF (Metrion Animation Film Festival) where we would like to invite Nina Paley to talk about her animation (Sita sings the blues) which we have seen and shared with people a few years ago. The festival is an international one but it is small and familiar, like the city. We have additional programmes (animation projections, concerts, programme for children and some surprize stuff). We enjoy very much her work, we are in collaboration with an art university (Partium Christian University) where there is an animation section and we’d like to hear about how has she done the whole animation, about her motivation, tehniques, personal attitude and feelings about her film and other half professional half personal stuffs about it. We also have ASIFA, Busho, Mediawave, Animest programme at the festival. We would be interested if she would like to come and let us know more about her and her work – and of course of the cost of her participation if there is one. As one of the organizers of the festival i can send you the site of Metrion Group were you can find infos about the group, the previsious year’s events on MAFF, the events of the low budget art cinema called Cinema Libertatea, wich we are trying to keep in life, and other useful informations. Here it is:, and as a learning animator i can send you my stuff if you would like. You can watch some of my works here. By the way im a really big fun of hers and it would be a personal pleasure to invite her to our festival and to have a conversation with her like a learner with the master. Please let us know if we can have the pride and honor to have Nina Paley as an invited artist at our festival and wich would be the conditions. With the hope of a fruitful collaboration,

    Kindly Regards,

    Teresa Matza.

    1. Yes, it is. I’ve updated the page to include contact information right from the start, so that people aren’t tempted to use the comment section here as a contact mechanism (though we still should have seen it — am looking into why an auto-email didn’t happen).

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