Free Culture Five Bookmarks

Hey Everyone!

Check out the Free Culture Fives bookmark! It’s a great way to spread the word about free culture.

Feel FREE to download (English JPEG; English Illustrator files; English Photoshop files; link to Spanish JPEGs and GIMP files), print, share on your website, and hand out this bookmark as a way to get those around you to start exploring, thinking, and talking about free culture.

Here is the front:

Here is the back:

Let us know what you think! Want to create your own? Find the original text below.


1. The first copyright law was a 1557 British censorship statute.

2. Copyright law is focused on preventing copying, not preventing plagiarism.

3. The first US copyright statues were established in 1783 with copyrights to last for only 14 years; however most works created today will not go into public domain until the 22nd century.

4. Copyleft is a name used to describe licenses that use copyright to support rather than restrict the freedom to copy.

5. The free culture movement promotes freedom-based distribution as a way to encourage collaboration and help new ideas flourish.


1. Against Intellectual Property – N. Stephan Kinsella

2. Free Software, Free Society – Richard M. Stallman

3. Misinformation Wants To Be Free – Nina Paley

4. Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities: A Narrative of the Formation, Development and Sustainability of OOPS (Opensource Opencourseware Prototype System) – Meng-Fen Lin

5. Free Culture – Lawrence Lessig *

5 FREE CULTURE FILMS (all available online)

1. Sita Sings The Blues

2. The Revolution Will Be Animated

3. Good Copy, Bad Copy

4. Sintel

5. Everything Is A Remix *

* Title with an asterisk explains free culture, but ironically is not itself a work of free culture.


1. Question Copyright (

2. Wikipedia (

3. Public Library of Science (

4. Freedom Defined (

5. Copyheart (


1. Donate time or money to any of the above organizations.

2. Release your own creative work via free distribution.

3. Upload, download, seed, subtitle, and remix free culture works.

4. Hold a screening and discussion of a free culture film.

5. Talk to others about free culture.

♡2011 Copying is an act of love. Please copy and share.

2 Comments on "Free Culture Five Bookmarks"

  1. Citizens,

    I like the idea of the bookmarks, although there’s some confusion between the text and the image as to which texts are about free culture but not free culture (in the graphic, it’s only Lessig’s Free Culture while in the text you rightly include Stallman’s Free Software, Free Society too). In fact, the PDF of Against Intellectual Property is also listed as all rights reserved, though it may well have been freely licensed elsewhere.

    I’m not sure that I would have chosen the same works as you, and I am deeply skeptical of Copyheart, but I’ll save those comments for my tweets and my blog! It’s good to see people spreading the word.


    Chris Sakkas

  2. Thanks for point out this error, Chris. This was a design oversight. Will be fixed!

    As for the bookmark, we in no way intended for this to be The Definitive List, and we welcome criticism, debate, and indeed many other versions of the bookmark!

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