Copy Bunny Progress Bar & .fla files now on

Our first Minute Meme, Copying Is Not Theft, continues its steady spread online. The two versions currently most shared are’s “official” version, which we unfortunately named “best” instead of “official” (“best” implying a value judgement) and the arrangement by Willbe which uses my original wavery vocals.  Between the two of them they have more than 300,000 views — counting only YouTube, not even including all the other sites where they’re available.

On the Willbe version youtube page, I found a pretty good suggestion in the comments: a Copy Bunny Progress bar. That was easy enough to make; here’s a truncated version in GIF format:

I also uploaded all the original .fla files to, so you can remix and modify to your heart’s content.

Also, did you know there’s a Copying Is Not Theft Cloisonne Pin? Well there is! And you can buy it.