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Lasix � Look before you leap: Lasix is a water pill which prevents the body to absorb salt in low level. It helps the excessive salt to pass with the urine. Nephrotic syndrome is treated with lasix. It can also be used for treating hypertension or high blood pressure. It is also known as Furosemide. It also resolves fluid retention affected by congested heart disease, kidney failure and cirrhosis. It causes a decreasing level of blood volume in the body. You should inform the doctor if you are suffering from any kind of kidney, liver disease, gout and if you are allergic to any kind of sulfites before being treated on Lasix. It will help in passing urine very often which might result in dehydration. Side effects of Lasix: There are lots of side effects of any antibiotic. However, you should be aware well in advance before starting the treatment of any antibiotic. Dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, unusual weakness, blistering, peeling skin rashes are some of the serious side effects for which you will require immediate medical aid and consult. Tingly feeling, blurred vision, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea or stomach pain are certain less serious side effects which is only affecting the body for some time. Jaundice, tinnitus, hyperglycemia are also common side effects and found in many cases. It is not necessary that all these side effects will occur in your body. If you are lucky, you might not experience of the above-mentioned side effects. However, practically, it is not possible for any doctor to inform you that what condition you will go through. Dosage of Lasix: Lasix doses are prescribed taking into consideration of patients� health history, current medication on which the patient is being treated and the potential response your body can get on the medication. He or she has to take medicines according to the doctor�s prescription or healthcare advisor. There are different doses for different disease treated lasix 20 mg. It is advised not to take extra dose for replacing the missed dose. If you overdose yourself, you might suffer from its side effects, onset of which you should first seek medical help or doctor�s consult immediately. Lasix is salt absorbent medicine but you should intake fluids as much as you can in order to prevent dehydration in the body. You should also avoid exposure from sunlight or artificial UV rays. It is because Lasix makes skin sensitive and can result in sunburn and skin tans. Lasix should be stored in room temperature and away from sunlight. If taken in liquid form, lasix 20 mg should be consumed within sixty to ninety days once opened.


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