"Copying Isn't Theft" -- Your Versions

A few days ago, we asked musicians to do their own arrangements of Nina Paley's song "Copying Isn't Theft". The response has been great! We'll try to keep this list of remixes and rearrangements up-to-date as they come in.

First, Nina's original:

Nina Sings

Others' versions below...

From C. Michael Pilato, a complete re-imagining of the song:

C. Michael Pilato Rocking Out

From The Matthew Show:

The Matthew Show

From Jonathan Mann:

From Christian Cosas:

... who also made sheet music for his version!

From Daphné Kauffmann, we have a "soft" version:

A "hard" version:

And a French version (!):

From SamECircle:


SamECircle's remix

Ab-so-lut-ly WONDERFUL !!! I just love it !
Great stuff is going on with this song = that IS the power of sharing, indeed !
cheers from Paris ;)

Good call

"Can anyone make a Show Tune arrangement? I originally heard it in my head as a show tune, but I'm musically illiterate."

I didn't hear a show tune at all, but after hearing ceemonkey's version that's the only way I can hear it. Spot-frakin'-on, mate!

The misfortune of JulietOriginals

Can I suggest that someone with a youtube account invite that girl [1] to perform "Copying Isn't Theft". It could be a good catharsis for her :)

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnsZLhI4zb4

Kenneth Sena (www.kika.ca)

maybe you can say that phrase again but this can't be applied to every copying work in the world. this is the main reason why we have the word "copyright". we must copy in the right way which is with the permission of the owner.

Re: Kenneth Sena (www.kika.ca)

Nope. This entire organization is an argument against the idea that people should have to ask permission first. Read the site.

(Also, that's not why we have the word "copyright". The word comes from a monopoly right granted by the state: that is, it's "right" as in "right of way", not as in "wrong vs right".)