Criminalizing the normal normalizes the criminal.

Copyright Holders Might Prefer Piracy   panel

There's a very interesting article over at TechRadar about how draconian copyright infringement penalties actually give copyright monopoly holders a motivation to encourage infringement:

In a somewhat cynical table-turning exercise, a German anti-piracy body seems to be encouraging illegal downloading of music and other media in an effort to strong-arm money out of lawbreakers.

DigiRights Solutions (DRS) from Darmstadt has circulated a presentation to potential clients explaining how they might make more money by pursuing illegal filesharers than from regular, legal sales. ...

"We Are Creators Too": Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge Interviews Nina Paley

Public Knowledge (Logo)

We Are Creators Too (Video)

Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge interviewed Nina Paley about copyright restrictions and her experiences trying to get her film Sita Sings the Blues past the copyright gatekeepers. The original interview is at "We Are Creators Too. Part 1 of 4. Today, Nina Paley's Story", part of the PK TV Series. We had it transcribed:


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