Legal Intern Wanted for Special Project

QCO Legal iconAre you a law student? Want to work on a project with our QCO artist-in-residence Nina Paley, under the supervision of our counsel Karen Sandler?

We're looking for a legal intern for the Open Source Quilting project.  It turns out the quilting world is rife with bizarre copyright claims -- and some quilters are starting to see the value of freedom.  We'd like to look into the history of copyright suits in the quilting world:  how common copyright suits are among quilters, how many cases settle, what sort of decisions emerge from the cases that go to court, etc.  The result will be an authoritative resource for quilters and other artists in similar fields, who see these claims and threats made every day and don't know how seriously to take them. Newsletter - Spring 2011 Newsletter - Spring 2011


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Dear Supporter,

Thanks for taking the time to read our new newsletter. In this edition, we are going to update you on our ongoing and forthcoming projects and also let you know how you can continue to support the work of free culture artists and innovators, and help reframe public discussion of copyright.

We hope you like what you see and are encouraged to be an even greater part of building a world where artists know that their audiences are their best supporters and their best distributors -- and where the phrase "free culture" becomes increasingly redundant.


Testing the Kickstarter waters: support Nina Paley's new booklet!

economics of artQCO Artist-in-Residence Nina Paley

Our artist-in-residence Nina Paley has started her first Kickstarter project -- help her make her goal!

The result will be great little booklets that you can pass out to friends and colleagues who have questions about copyright.  When ready, they'll be available from our store and, of course, they'll be freely-licensed.  We're planning to use Kickstarter for some other upcoming projects too; help us get started on the right foot, and help support Nina!


Here's her description of the project:

I want to print at least a thousand Mimi & Eunice's Intellectual Pooperty mini-books: Mimi & Eunice IP comics packaged into a 5.25" x 3.5" full-color 20-page booklet. The size is perfect for carrying in a wallet or purse, to conveniently produce whenever a conversation about art, culture and commerce starts going to crazy-town. How many times have you wanted to explain the problems of copyright simply and clearly? How many times have you longed to deflate pro-patent propaganda, but gotten into a convoluted abstract argument instead? Having these little books on hand can turn a heated debate into a friendly and entertaining conversation. I know, because I carry a prototype with me.



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