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Shadow Distribution handles Sita in the US West of the Mississippi.

4/10 New Orleans, LA Zeitgeist
5/3 Nevada City, CA Nevada Theater
5/8 SF, CA Red Vic Moviehouse
5/15 Mesilla, NM Fountain Theater
6/15 Waterville, ME Railroad Square Cinema
5/23 Napa CA Jarvis Theater
5/29 San Luis Obispo, CA Palm Theater
5/29 Salt Lake City, UT Broadway Center Theater
6/5 Bellingham, Wa Pickford Theater
6/12 Boise, ID The Flicks
6/12  Kress Cinema, Greeley CO
6/26 Denver, CO Starz Film Center
7/22 Portland, OR Northwest Film Center
7/24 Salem, OR Salem Cinema
8/2 Houston, TX Museum of Fine Arts
8/21 SF, CA Red Vic Moviehouse
8/26 San Rafael, CA Rafael Film Center
8/29 Albuquerque, NM Guild Cinema
9/14 Gibsons, BC Sunshine Coast Film Society