About QuestionCopyright.org

Our mission is to provide advocacy and practical education to help cultural producers embrace open distribution.

QuestionCopyright.org is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the range of acceptable public debate about copyright, and to reframing the way people -- especially artists and those who work with them -- think about copyright.

Our organization was founded in 2007 by free software developer, writer and copyright reform activist Karl F. Fogel, as the outgrowth of his activism around issues of copyright restriction and cultural freedom. Since that time, the organization has grown into a collective and mostly volunteer effort of artists, open source developers, and non-profit professionals passionate about opening up opportunities for collaborative cultural production.

Our projects
highlight the restrictive effects of distribution monopolies, and help creators and their allies realize the potential of freedom-based distribution.  We're trying to change the terms of the debate, so that copyright reform efforts aren't stuck always reacting to industry rhetoric that equates copying with theft, plagiarism, and the abuse or destruction of the original work.

Our viral Minute Memes videos educate artists, distributors, and the general public about the benefits of copying throughout history and have been viewed around the world millions of times; our Sita Distribution Project in support of Nina Paley's highly-acclaimed and freely-distributed film Sita Sings The Blues is showing artists how being on the same side as the audience can have better economic results than monopoly-based distribution; our Creator-Endorsed Mark is a new trademark being used by distributors to enable consumers to support artists without restricting the spread of that artists' works.; our self-supporting online store offers products based on (and advocating) non-restrictive business models, and we regularly write and speak about the effects of copyright restrictions on expression and the free flow of information..

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