Nina Paley Wins IP3 Award from Public Knowledge!

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Congratulations to our artist-in-residence Nina Paley, whom we just learned has won a 2010 "IP3" award from Public Knowledge!  She's in good company: this year's other winners are Pamela Samuelson, Susan Crawford, and Michael Geist, all names well known to those who follow copyright and Internet freedom. The IP3 awards are given to

individuals who over the past year (or over the course of their careers) who have advanced the public interest in one of the three areas of 'IP' –Intellectual Property, Information Policy and Internet Protocol

and will be presented at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on October 13th.

Congratulations, Nina — you've earned it!

The BookLiberator.

UPDATE - 9 March 2011

Please see the Ion BookSaver, which uses basically the same design as the BookLiberator but will be available at a cheaper price and sooner.  You can read more about it in Ion's press release.

We have no affiliation with Ion and receive no compensation for mentioning their product -- we just want affordable book digitizers to be in the hands of as many book owners as possible, and Ion's product now looks like the best way to achieve that.  We have suspended work on production of the BookLiberator, while we wait to see how Ion's BookSaver is received in the market.

We had great attendance at our vendor table at the HOPE conference this weekend, where the BookLiberator prototypes attracted a tremendous amount of interest (even getting an excellent writeup on


BookLiberator (one hand lifting)

The BookLiberator is an affordable personal book digitizer. Working with Ian Sullivan and James Vasile, who came up with the design, we've just finalized the hardware setup and are now proceeding to manufacturing. We want to have them for sale at our online store as soon as possible; we're aiming for a price of appx $120 for the kit plus around $200 for the pair of cameras (many customers will already have consumer-grade digital cameras, so we'll offer the BookLiberator with and without).

What does the BookLiberator have to do with reframing copyright?


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